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GM Magnus Carlsen to commentate on the Candidates.

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World Chess Champion GM Magnus Carlsen, GM Judit Polgar,   GM David Howell, and IM Tania Sachdev. To commentate on the candidates which starts again on Monday 19th April 2021.

Live games

Live commentary

GM Vladmir Kramnik & GM Judit Polgar reveal Challengers Chess Tour line-ups for online event. April 8th -11th 2021.

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 Former World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik and all-time women’s no. 1 Judit Polgar captain 20 young stars as the $100,000 Julius Baer Challengers Chess Tour starts this Thursday with the Polgar Challenge. The likes of Praggnanandhaa, Nihal Sarin, Carissa Yip and Zhansaya Abdumalik will compete in a series of 4-day rapid events on chess24, with each winner gaining a chance to play in the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. The best individual performers play an 8-player knockout final, while the winning team will also get to travel to Dubai for the 2021 World Championship match.


Young chess players have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic, with their chances to make a name for themselves, while chasing rating and title goals, heavily curtailed. The Julius Baer Challengers Chess Tour is therefore a chance for some young stars to take centre stage, and it starts this Thursday, April 8th, with the Polgar Challenge.


The Polgar Challenge is a 20-player rapid round-robin taking place on chess24 from April 8-11. The first of five events on the $100,000 Julius Baer Challengers Chess Tour, it features two teams of 10 young players captained by GM Vladimir Kramnik and GM Judit Polgar. The winner earns $3,000 as well as a place on the next event on the $1.5 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, starting April 24. The time control is 10 minutes for all moves, with a 5-second increment per move starting from move 1. The winner is decided by individual points, but the players’ scores also count towards team standings.


There are 20 players, 10 male (Under 18) and 10 female (Under 25), and the pairings are already out:


Live commentary with GM Judit Polgar and GM Vladmir Kramnik


Pairings and live games Round 1 starts 3pm GMT

Battle Arena Lichess Monday night 5th April 2021.

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Battle Arena Lichess Monday night 5th April 2021


Manchester Juniors, you were amazing!

Eighteen children took part. We were playing in Division one, so the best county associations in the country.

We were missing four of our strong players, Tarini and Thisumi played a big tournament over the weekend, (and did really well) so I had not expected them; Bryony and Rowan weren't available.

After 10 minutes we were pointless and bottom.

I couldn't watch! But then a remarkable transformation.



v Edward Correa 17 points and ahead of his big sister, Rebecca!


v Ed on 30! The third highest score on the night.


v Tim on 27 drawing with his illustrious brother, Kevin!


v Aisha top girl on 19


v Ryan at his first such tournament got 11


v Tabitha at her first tournament got 10


v Anshika at her first tournament got 6.

I was very encouraged and although we were 8th out of 10 and will be relegated, I am confident that we will be back. We are making a habit of being YOYOs. (If some of you are too young to know what a yoyo is ask your parents).

Well done everyone. I hope you enjoyed it, even if it is a bit hectic.


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In the light of experience so far, in addition to the MCF Online League Rules already circulated, the following advice, approved by the President, is offered.


1. Starting

In recent matches some players have experienced difficulties with opponents not being online at 7.30. This has led to some players having to wait around for half an hour until the official default time of 8 pm. In a few cases it has resulted in a default.


To try to reduce future problems in this regard, the following is suggested as good practice:


Captains should remind their players a few days before a match.

Any player who has proved forgetful should be reminded on the day of the match, by text, email or app, as appropriate.


The captain of each team (or, if he is playing in the match, an appointed deputy) should start checking from 7.25 onwards on the match night whether their team are all online.

Any player not online by 7.35 should immediately be chased up.

Similarly, if it is noticed that an opposing player is not online by 7.40 the opposing captain should be contacted.


2. The second game in a match

Captains are asked to inform their players that a break of no more than ten minutes between games is permissible, at the request of either player.


3. Entering results.

The captain of the winning team should enter the results within 24 hours, but there is nothing to prevent the losing team’s captain from taking the initiative and entering the results.

No matter which captain reports the results, the other captain should always check and confirm.


Tip: before starting to enter results, always check first to see whether the other captain has already entered them! If you’re lucky, this will be the case and all you have to do is to check the data and confirm (or query).


Tip: Please do not add match comments! There is a glitch in the software, such that it has been known to crash following someone entering a comment including an apostrophe. This has been known for some time but has not yet been resolved, so for the time being it is best not to add a match comment.




Yours Sincerely,


Phil Adams, Fixtures Secretary, Manchester Chess Federation,

MCF Online League Rules 2021

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MCF Online League Rules

All captains and players in the MCF Online League are asked to familiarise themselves with the competition Rules (please note that this is not the same as the MCF Online Fair Play Policy).



MCF Online League Rules, can be found on the MCF website here.

Online Heaton Cup Second Iteration.

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Dear Chess Friend,

We will be running the second iteration of the Heaton Cup (an online 6 round swiss tournament played over 6 weeks). The aim of the tournament is to support players looking to improve their chess, practice their long-play skills before real OTB chess resumes, and to give less experienced players the chance to gain experience of long-play.

The unique element of the tournament is that all games are analysed by the tournament organisers, and shared via round reports, and lichess studies. The tournament is free, but all participants must be ECF Members/Supporters.

Please can you pass this e-mail onto any players who might be interested in playing.


Registration form:


Six rounds, swiss system, single section

Monday evenings at 7pm (but players are encouraged to agree other times).

Time control: 60 mins + 15 second per move

Suitable for all playing levels (last time we had near-beginners to 2200 ECF graded players)

Played on Lichess

Participation is free, but players must be ECF Members / Supporters

Games will be ECF Online rated

If you have any queries, please e-mail

Many thanks,

Andrew Shingleton and Aidan Rawlinson

Manchester Chess Federation Online Chess Congress Easter 2021. Friday 2nd of April -Sunday 4th April.

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When: 2/3/4th April 2021


Format: Five round Swiss

Friday 7.30p.m.

Saturday 10.00a.m.

Saturday 2.00p.m.

Sunday 10.00p.m.

Sunday 2.00p.m.

Time control: 45minutes plus 15seconds increment

Default time and repairing after 30 minutes

Entry: Two sections: Under 1900 and Open (Up to40 entries)

Entry restricted to MCF members or MCF associated members

Entries must be ECF members at Supporter Level or above.

Entries must be registered with Lichess and join Manchester Chess Federation Congress.

Pairings and results: Available on and on Lichess Manchester Chess Federation Congress chat.

Registration and Entry Fee: £10 per entry. Payment will only be accepted on line.

To enter the online congress enter here



Congratulations to GM Anish Giri.

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Congratulations to GM Anish Giri on winning the online GM Magnus Carlsen Invitational last weekend, and a place in the Finals of the Meltwater online Champions Chess Tour.

Fide Master title for Peter Markland.

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ECF International Rating Officer David Clayton writes --- I am pleased to announce that FIDE have accepted the application of FIDE Master title for Peter Richard Markland and Peter Nicolas Lee. Their ratings of 2390 met the rating requirement, and I was able to track down their Olympiad games from the 1970s to prove the minimum games requirement. We are grateful to John Upham from British Chess News for these links on both players. |