Manchester Chess Federation Founded 1890

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Bolton Rapidplay Sunday 4th December 2022.

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Online entries for Bolton Rapidplay Sunday December 4th 2022 being taken at the link.

Geoff Kerr Funeral this week.

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it  was Geoff's funeral this week  and lots of nice things were said about him; I also found out, when doing National Service in the RAF, he was one of the servicemen lining the route at the Queen's coronation


A nice service started with Moon River (Sinatra), included Smile (Nat King Cole) and concluded with no less than Glory Glory Man Utd


One of his 2 sons read My Journey’s Just Begun by Ellen Brenneman



Don’t think of me as gone away

My journey’s just begun

Life holds so many facets

This earth is but one


Just think of me as resting

From the sorrows and the tears

In a place of warmth and comfort

Where there are no days and years


Think of how I must be wishing

That you could know today

How nothing but your sadness

Can really go away


And think of me as living

In the hearts of those I touched

For nothing loved is ever lost

And I know I was loved so much



Joseph Geoffrey Kerr 6 June 1934 - 20 October 2022

RIP Geoff Kerr

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Bury Chess Club are saddened to learn that Geoff Kerr died on Saturday; Geoff was Treasurer of the club for many years, more than most of us can remember, even after he moved out of the borough of Bury


We have lost another of our chess players who, despite never being a strong player, was an enthusiastic one, and did lots of hard work without making a fuss


More importantly, as club President Brian Forrest has commented, Geoff was a lovely person

Friday 11th November 10 Minute Tournament

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MCF Fixtures October 2022 update.

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The latest spreadsheet of MCF fixtures can now be found on the download page of the MCF Website.



Manchester League Fixtures update 10.10.2022

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We didn’t intend to issue a further updated spreadsheet, but significant changes have been required, largely due to the withdrawal of both Denton teams and the introduction of a new Blue Club team, so it was thought that an updated spreadsheet might be useful. (Please destroy all earlier versions.)

The fixtures list at the LMS has also been updated to match. Please continue to use the LMS as the principal source for MCF fixtures information.


Phil Adams


Manchester League Fixtures Secretary


Updated MCF Fixtures 2022-2023

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This will be the last MCF fixtures list this season to be issued as a spreadsheet. From now on please rely on the fixtures list at the LMS. Any change made by the Fixtures Secretary will of course be communicated to the two clubs involved by email.



Please try to make the fixtures work as published. As a last resort, a club may contact the Fixtures Secretary to request a fixture re-arrangement, in accordance with the MCF League and Match Rules, but always work through the Fixtures Secretary.







A direct Link to the updated fixtues that have been made between certain clubs  can be found on the download page of the website.



MCF Fixtures 2022-2023 Season are now out.

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Fixtures for the 2022-23 Manchester League Season


Matches will begin with some trophy fixtures in the week beginning Monday 26th September.


If you have any problems with or queries regarding these fixtures, please contact the MCF Fixtures Secretary Phil Adams, preferably by email.


Individual club fixtures can also be viewed at the League Management System website

An excel sheet of the fixtures, can also be found on the download page of the MCF website.