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Greater Manchester CCA v Middlesex CCA Under 1850 Saturday 14th May 2022

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Greater Manchester CCA v Middlesex CCA Under 1850 Saturday 14th May 2022

Captain Adam Scoular (step in for this match)

Looking for players for this game.  who are  ECF Rated  under  1850  Saturday 14th May 2022.

Email: if you would like to play for further details.

Chess Tournament Friday 29th April 2022.

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Swinton chess academy is hosting yet another tournament ( with the support of swinton&worsley chess club)for the quick firing chess players of the world



Friday 29th April 2022



10 minutes each no increments



2 sections






1st place £100


2nd place £50


In both sections



Entry fee £10 for each players


£13 for entry on the day


Any GM or IM attending there entry fee will be added to the first place prize in the open.


Max attendance 120 players




Quick play grades from 1st September 2021 will be used.



6 rounds


Arrive 6.15


Rd1 6.45


Rd2 7.15




Rd4 8.15


Rd5 8.45


Rd6 9.15


Prize giving 9.45



Will be using Swiss management for pairings



This event is to promote over the board chess and get the buzz back for the love of chess.


See you guys soon


Please email your entry’s to or text 07717 847735


Name,grade and club is sufficient.


Details will then follow for payment.



Swinton legion


Cheetham rd



Postcode: M27 4UQ

RIP Gareth Lewis.

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I was saddened to hear of the reported death of Gareth Lewis. To those who were fortunate enough to have known Gareth I'm sure you will feel as I do that the passing of a true character somehow lessens us all. He really was unique and a person who it was a pleasure and delight to spend time with.


In the formative days of Oldham and Gt. Manchester Junior chess, he was the driving force who enthused all of us around him. He made things happen and got things done. He had little time for the bureaucracy and petty politics that blights the chess world. Some of our older 3Cs members will no doubt carry their own memories as they competed in one of his teams. He had the ability to inspire players to play at the very best of their abilities. My own son remembers with great fondness, Gareth's fictional Aberystwyth Dragon opening especially invented by Gareth to trap and ensnare the opposition. It worked too because he made everyone believe in it. Gareth elevated the performance of the junior chess teams of Oldham and Gt. Manchester to heights they have never since been able to replicate.


Gareth B Lewis was a true son of Owain Glyndwr. He loved his rugby, his chess and of course Dylan Thomas. His teams entered the arena for combat with a passion only equalled at the Arms Park. Whatever the sport or game he could generate a team spirit that was tangible and everyone was prepared to give their all.


Gareth had been blessed with the gift of storytelling. It didn't matter about the accuracy or the plausibility he could weave a tale that had you hooked into wanting to believe every word. Such were the spells the man could cast. He personally taught me much as a young and inexperienced headteacher. He took me under his wing and encouraged me constantly throughout those formative years.


He was never a man who you could lay claim to and hold as an inseparable friend as if he was a treasured possession. His whole demeaner was unique and often shrouded by a self created mystery as to his next venture. Life and time allowed us to drift apart as it often does. Yet, with his passing I can only to smile and recall how influential and special he was when I picture him in full flow. It was a pleasure and unique experience Gareth to have known you.

 Gareth on the extreme right, preparing the Oldham junior team in readiness for the national schools' championships in both 1981 and 1983.


Hwyl. Canmil diolch!

Stephen Rigby


Reykjavik Open 2022 starts today 4pm GMT.

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Lots of strong english players playing as well as other Grandmasters and International Masters taking part.

Pairings round 1

Live games round 1

Round 1 Commentary FM Zibbit

Rules and Information of the Spring 2022 over the board MCF competition

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Rules and Information of the Spring 2022 over the board MCF competition is now on the download page of the website.

Spring League message March 2022 .

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Over-the-board play in the MCF is starting up once again with a “Spring League”, which will run from 28th March to 31st May. The fixtures are attached. There was considerable discussion as to the format to be used and this represents our best effort, having considered the information provided by clubs.



Mick Norris of Bury CC has once again kindly produced the set of fixtures. At this point, I take over responsibility for administering them, so any problems or queries regarding these fixtures should be directed to me, as soon as possible. There will be a small ‘window’ following the end of the online league before these fixtures are loaded into the League Management System.



Clubs are asked, in view of the short time period available, not to rearrange fixtures. If you absolutely must rearrange a fixture, please try to agree a date between your clubs and then run it past me, so I can check it and make the necessary changes in the LMS. All matches must be completed by May 31st.



Following a successful pilot in the online league, the MCF is adopting a squad-based system for the Spring League.



A squad can consist of up to 10 players, although for a club’s “lowest” team, the squad can be of unlimited numbers.



For instance, if Altrincham enter only 1 team, they can include all their club members in their squad, whereas if Blue Club enter 2 teams, their first team has a maximum squad size of 10, but their second team is unlimited.



The u1451 league is treated as a separate competition, so it has separate squads; players in an u1451 squad may also be in a squad in the "Open" competition (but a player cannot be in more than one squad in the "Open" competition).



Please note that if a higher team cannot raise a full set of players for a match, then to avoid defaulting a board a player can be “floated up” from a lower squad; however, this facility is to be used only in such situations, and any player floating up more than once then becomes ineligible for the lower team.



The complete rules for the Spring League, explaining where these differ from the normal MCF rules, will be sent to you before play gets under way.



A file containing all the squad lists submitted can be found on the dowload page of the website. This was compiled by our President, Damien McElvenny. Please inform Damien promptly of any changes or additions.



The MCF Directory of Clubs is currently being updated for you by Jonathan Lonsdale. We shall need to know the details of team captains and, If your club now meets at a different venue from in the MCF “Autumn” league 2021, please ensure that you pass the full details to Jon promptly.



The arrival of vaccines and the reduced severity of the recent strains of Covid-19 have been most welcome, but have also probably made many of us complacent. Despite the relaxation of government restrictions, the pandemic is not over, see for instance . The MCF has issued guidance on Coronavirus precautions during matches (available at ). The MCF urges that this guidance should be observed, unless the captains agree in advance to waive some or all of it.



As I wrote last autumn, we hope that the members of your club will welcome the opportunity to play over-the-board chess again in the MCF. There will no doubt be some challenges to overcome, but let’s all adopt a positive approach and try to make it work. Enjoy your chess!



Kind regards,



Phil Adams


Manchester League Fixtures Secretary

The MCF spring Fixtures 2022 are now available on the download page of the website.

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MCF Spring  2022  over the board Fixtures can be found at the link below.

Greater Manchester County team under 1850 lose to Leicestershire 6.5-5.5

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Match Result A very close match, thanks to captain Paul Doherty for organsing the match,  and thanks  to all the players who played in the match.