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The MCF Club Directory 2021-2022 has been up loaded to download page of the website. Along with the covid safe playing rules 2021.

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The MCF Club Directory 2021-2022 has been up loaded to download page of the website. Along with the Covid safe playing rules 2021.

LMS Results Service

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Here a direct link to the LMS results Service. Which the MCF will be using for chess results.

LMS Results Service:

Clubs near you page has been updated on the MCF website.With all the latest details for the new MCF Season.

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Clubs near you page has been updated on the MCF website. With all the latest details, for the new MCF Season.

MCF Autumn League Fixtures 2021/updated rules

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MCF Autumn League Fixtures 2021  are now available on the download page of the MCF website, Along with updated rules.

The Latest League and Match rules  can be found here.


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An incremental time control will be used for all matches. Matches typically will be played under a

time control of all moves in 1 hour 20 minutes with a 15 second increment per move starting at

move 1 (G80' + 15”).

In exceptional circumstances, if the home team anticipates that it will not have enough digital

clocks for all boards, then it must give a minimum of 10 days' notice to the visiting team, in which

case the visiting team will have the option to bring their own digital clocks to make up the

shortfall. If they do not take up this option then the home team may use analogue clocks to make

up the shortfall. On boards where analogue clocks are used the rate of play shall typically be 30

moves in 75 minutes each, then a 20 minutes quick-play finish, and FIDE Guidelines III (Games

without increment including Quickplay Finishes) shall apply. Home teams who do not give the

required notice may, at the Fixtures Secretary's discretion, be penalised by the loss of each game

for which a digital clock is not available.

A shorter session may be played by prior agreement between the captains, as long as the rate is

sufficient for ECF standard-play rating. [ The minimum for standard-play rating is an incremental

time limit such that a game of 60 moves will last at least 60 minutes (or G/60’ if the preceding

paragraph applies)]

Advisory Note:

Regardless of any defaults under this rule, the over the board results of all games will be

submitted for rating.

If any analogue clocks are used, they should be used on the lower boards; firstly on bottom

board, and moving upwards from there only if necessary.


The Fixtures Secretary & Disputes Secretary issued this originally in 2019 as a joint clarification,

explaining the position so as to try and avoid disputes arising (It has been revised to change

references from grading to rating).

Any specific case would be judged on its merits.

Revised 19 September 2021

Over the Board Fixtures with an Autumn League that runs from 11 October to 16 December.

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"The MCF have agreed to restart Over the Board Fixtures with an Autumn League that runs from 11 October to 16 December.


Clubs were asked to enter teams, following which the Fixtures Committee have allocated the Divisions as follows:


Division 1 - seven boards, all play all

Divisions 2, 3 and 4 - five boards, all play all

Under 1600 rating limited - five boards, as there were so many entries, teams have been allocated into 2 groups; there will be playoffs for 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th places in week commencing 6 December


Rapidplay (Open) - five boards, all play all

Rapidplay Under 1450 rating limited - four boards of which at least three need to be juniors, all play all.


As there are only 10 weeks available, we have been unable to spread out the fixtures, so some clubs have consecutive teams playing in the same week, and sometimes in the same week. We appreciate that some teams may wish to field the same players in, say, Division 1 as the Rapidplay Open, and have tried to avoid clashes if at all possible. You will appreciate this has been put together in a short time period, so it won't be perfect.


Clubs are asked, due to the short time available, not to rearrange fixtures.


It is intended that an Online League will be held in January and February, with Over the Board Trophy competitions in some format between March and May 2022, with a "normal" season resuming in late September 2022.


The Fixtures Secretary will be contacting clubs about the Seeding Rules, and the entry of results at once this has been set up"


British Championships 2021 OTB starts on Saturday in Hull.

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British Championships 2021 OTB starts on Saturday in Hull. Top Seed Is GM Nick Pert. Bolton Chess Club's IM Joe McPhillips is also playing.

Live Games



Live commentary GM Matthew Sadler and WIM Natasha Regan

Rounds 1-7 (Saturday 2nd October – Friday 8th October) begin each day at 2.30pm; Rounds 8 & 9 (Saturday/Sunday 9th/10th October) begins at 10.00am

ECF AGM 2021: Report from Silver Members representative John Reyes

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ECF AGM 2021: Report from Silver Members representative John Reyes


I have had the honour to be your ECF silver members’ rep for 5 years now. The role of direct members’ reps in my view is to represent their members (that means you!) in Council and hold the Board to account, not to nominate or campaign for their own friends. Clearly, some other recently elected direct members' reps have a different view. In these circumstances, I feel it's necessary for me to send my own message to you.


As your representative, I want to hear your views as to how to cast your votes, so please let me know your thoughts. You'll see that Tim and I have very different views, which is why (unusually) we're writing separately to you, but please reply to both of us together, we don't need separate replies, we both want to hear your views.


At the AGM on 16 October there will be two contested elections for Chief Executive and Chair of Governance, between the incumbents (Mike Truran and Robert Stern) and challengers (Malcolm Pein and Chris Fegan). Malcolm Pein has also tabled three motions about use of money which is now in the BCF Permanent Invested Fund (“PIF”) and in a BCF subsidiary, the Chess Centre Ltd. As your representative, I want to hear your views as to how to cast your votes, so please let me know your thoughts.


I think the ECF led by Mike Truran have done a great job over the last few years to improve things for English chess, and have successfully got us through the Covid crisis under impossible circumstances. I am happy to further support those who steered us through this time and so I would suggest the incumbent CEO and Governance Chairman should be re-elected. But it is down to you on how you tell me to vote.


I am surprised that Robert Stern, with his governance experience, is even facing a challenge. Reading the report of the NEDs and Governance Committee alongside Chris Fegan's election address, I get the impression that the NEDs have criticised Chris Fegan's behaviour, and he has responded by attacking all six of the NEDs and Governance Committee. Everything I have seen reinforces my support for Robert Stern.


Malcolm Pein's address says that the ECF needs a change of direction from the strategy currently agreed by Council. If I understand right, he wants the ECF to do more itself, using funds which are now in the PIF and Chess Centre. He wants to stop any of this money going across to the Chess Trust.


Malcolm's only firm proposal is for regional development officers, paid by the ECF to somehow assist clubs and leagues. Myself I don't see that is needed. It's the people who run the clubs and leagues who do the work, and they can talk to each other for free to share ideas (that’s what we do in Manchester anyway).


On where the money is held, I like the Chess Trust. It's an independent charity, not controlled by anyone on the ECF, with the CEO and Finance Director of the ECF (whoever they are) just two of many trustees. As a charity it gets tax advantages. As an independent body, it only pays out money if it's given good reasons. So, there are safeguards against unwise spending.


Council has been told before about problems in tax and trust law from moving funds from the PIF and Chess Centre directly to the ECF. I don't believe that these problems have magically disappeared, but it seems we may have to wait until the AGM to really get the facts. As things stand, I'm all for tidying up the PIF and Chess Centre, but only if it doesn't involve a big tax bill and if the money goes across to the Chess Trust, as the BCF Council has already agreed.


Please let me know your views on all these issues. You can be sure I will listen to them. You can read the AGM papers at


John Reyes, Silver Members’ Rep, 29 September 2021



Manchester Junior Chess Four Nations Chess League

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The Junior 4NCL has restarted over the Board chess with its first weekend event at

Leamington Spa on 25/26 th September 2021.

In the past Manchester Chess Federation has entered two teams, one in the FIDE rated

Division A and one in ECF rated Division B. This year we had to withdraw the second team

at late notice because we have lost some of our players to other teams. We will continue to

offer places to children from any MCF clubs.

Manchester came 7 th and had to play four of the top five teams. This ensured that all our

games provided tough opposition.

Kyle Pelling 60%

Tarini Jayawarna 50%

Thisumi Jayawarna 50%

Bryony Eccleston 50%

Rowan Eccleston 80%

I attach a hard-fought match between Tarini and Maxine Lacoult with an unusual opening