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Posted by ian on March 13, 2020 at 11:10 AM

Guidance from the uk Government and the NHS

The MCF’s Advice Regarding the Corona Virus


Some international chess events have been cancelled due to the corona virus but, for the

time being at least, most chess life in the UK is continuing as normal.

However, in view of the current situation, some precautions and planning would seem

sensible, including:

1. players should not feel at all obliged to shake hands either before or after their


2. clubs should check whether their toilet, bathroom and kitchen facilities are

appropriate, including the provision of hot water, soap and/or suitable gels and

hand-drying facilities;

3. at league matches, having hand sanitizer and tissues available in the playing area

would be sensible; the provision of disposable gloves could also be considered;

4. players should be encouraged to make frequent use of the hygiene facilities;

5. it is worth considering cleaning the chess pieces and clocks before matches (and

afterwards too, if they are likely to be in use again soon; on hard surfaces such as

chess pieces the virus can survive for a long period of time, of up to 48 hrs at the

extreme end);

6. players should try to avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth: this is likely to be of

greatest concern during matches; the typical “chess posture” when thinking about

moves often involves rubbing eyes, playing with hands over the mouth or cupped

over the eyes, scratching heads or chins, etc.

7. any player with the virus-like symptoms is best advised to lay club loyalty aside for

the time being and “self-deselect” from playing in a match, or merely attending club;

8. if the situation worsens, as seems likely, clubs might find it difficult to raise a team;

the MCF will treat this as “force majeure” justification for postponing a match and

both the opposing Captain and the Fixtures Secretary should be informed;

9. if the MCF Council considers it necessary and appropriate, the winter league season

will be extended into June to accommodate postponed matches;

10. if general conditions or government measures make it impossible for the season to

continue, the league will be suspended; the MCF Council will then decide what

action will be appropriate.

The current ECF advice is here:

and FIDE’s latest statement can be found here:


Best wishes to all our members,

The MCF Council


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