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RIP Dave Monaghan 6 January 1947 - 10 January 2021.

Posted by ian on January 11, 2021 at 10:20 AM

It is very sad to report the death on January 10th of Dave Monaghan, aged 74 and who had been one of the stalwarts of the 3Cs' club since its very early years.

Similar to many of those who work behind the scenes at 3Cs, Dave's connection with the club began when his son Karl started playing chess and then himself took an interest in the game.

Not only did Dave enjoy playing but also gained great satisfaction in taking a very active part in coaching at the club and was the ideal person in explaining the basics of the game to those who were just starting their own chess career - many of whom eventually went on the achieve great success in later years.

One of his proudest moments at the board was when the great Russian Grandmaster David Bronstein visited 3Cs for a simultaneous display in 1989 and Dave achieved a draw against him.

Steve Rigby, founder and still main organiser of 3Cs, says it was a honour to know Dave as his friend and that he was always a dignified person who certainly encompassed the 3Cs' ethos of always ensuring the progress of the children came first - and in that respect Dave had always shown a very patient attitude in teaching the game of chess to the many youngsters who had come under his wing at the club.

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