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An incremental time control will be used for all matches. Matches typically will be played under a

time control of all moves in 1 hour 20 minutes with a 15 second increment per move starting at

move 1 (G80' + 15”).

In exceptional circumstances, if the home team anticipates that it will not have enough digital

clocks for all boards, then it must give a minimum of 10 days' notice to the visiting team, in which

case the visiting team will have the option to bring their own digital clocks to make up the

shortfall. If they do not take up this option then the home team may use analogue clocks to make

up the shortfall. On boards where analogue clocks are used the rate of play shall typically be 30

moves in 75 minutes each, then a 20 minutes quick-play finish, and FIDE Guidelines III (Games

without increment including Quickplay Finishes) shall apply. Home teams who do not give the

required notice may, at the Fixtures Secretary's discretion, be penalised by the loss of each game

for which a digital clock is not available.

A shorter session may be played by prior agreement between the captains, as long as the rate is

sufficient for ECF standard-play rating. [ The minimum for standard-play rating is an incremental

time limit such that a game of 60 moves will last at least 60 minutes (or G/60’ if the preceding

paragraph applies)]

Advisory Note:

Regardless of any defaults under this rule, the over the board results of all games will be

submitted for rating.

If any analogue clocks are used, they should be used on the lower boards; firstly on bottom

board, and moving upwards from there only if necessary.


The Fixtures Secretary & Disputes Secretary issued this originally in 2019 as a joint clarification,

explaining the position so as to try and avoid disputes arising (It has been revised to change

references from grading to rating).

Any specific case would be judged on its merits.

Revised 19 September 2021

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