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For the attention of all Manchester League Club Secretaries and Captains

Posted by ian on September 14, 2021 at 4:45 PM

For the attention of all Manchester League Club Secretaries and Captains

The MCF Annual General Meeting on September 8 th resolved to restart over-the-board

league chess in the coming season.

The MCF will issue separate guidelines regarding playing conditions for over-the-board

matches in respect of Covid-19. These guidelines (on matters such as face-coverings,

hygiene, ventilation and distancing) will constitute the default position for match

arrangements and should be varied only by clear prior agreement between captains.

The MCF Council has agreed there will be no return to the traditional league structure

before the 2022-3 season. Since Covid-19 is still with us, a complete return to normality

seems unrealistic. We have therefore approached the start of a 2021-2 season with a clean

slate and an open mind.

 There will be an over-the board (OTB) league starting mid-October and finishing,

Covid permitting, before Christmas

There will be an Online League during January and February

 There will be OTB trophy competitions from March to May, operating on an initial

group basis, followed by a knockout stage.

OTB league

There will be no entry fees, nor will there be prizes or trophies awarded; the winners will

receive a Certificate. All games will be ECF rated, so any club entering is accepting liability to

pay ECF game fees for any non-ECF members they select for more than 3 games.

1. Division 1 will be for teams of 7 players; clubs are invited to enter a team in this

division, but no club can enter more than 1 team

2. Other Divisions will be for teams of 5 players; normal MCF seeding rules will apply to

teams entering more than 1 team (including any team in Division 1); clubs are invited

to enter more than 1 (additional) team

3. Rating-limited Division – if there is sufficient interest, there will be a Division with

teams consisting solely of players rated u1600 ECF (approximately 120 old ECF).

4. Open Rapidplay division– if there is sufficient interest, there will be a Division played

at Rapidplay time limits (i.e. 2 games per session against the same opponent with 30

minutes each, or the incremental equivalent). This will allow matches to finish


5. If there is sufficient demand, the u100 (ELO 1450) rapidplay division will be revived

(for teams of 4 players, at least 3 of whom must be juniors).

Rate of play for standard games :

An incremental time control will be used for all matches. Matches typically will be played

under a time control of all moves in 1 hour 20 minutes with a 15 second increment per

move starting at move 1 (G80' + 15”).

However, a shorter session may be played by prior agreement between the captains, as

long as the rate is sufficient for ECF standard-play grading. [The minimum for standard-play

rating is either G/60’ or an incremental time limit such that a game of 60 moves will last at


least 60 minutes]

You will appreciate that until the number of entries is known, we are unable to specify the

number of fixtures that you will have to play.

To assist the Fixtures Committee, please submit your club’s entries by midnight on Friday

24 September latest.

If you are able at the same time to submit a (strictly provisional) registration list of all the

players you believe will be willing and able to resume over-the-board play, this will help us

allocate teams to divisions appropriately.

Entries and registration lists should be sent to Mick Norris and copied to

Phil Adams

Feel free to submit suggestions, opinions and requirements on other topics that would be

important to you in resuming league play in the MCF.

pp the MCF Council

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